Days of Palestine

Israel to put Palestinian Authority on Faraway Shelf, Shtayyah Stated

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Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohmmad Shtayyeh on Monday, 12 September, accused Israeli Occupation of disqualifying the role of Palestinian authority in Ramallah.

In a statement, Palestinian PM added that Israeli occupation continues tp put Palestinian authority on a faraway shelf and undermine its institutions.

“Israeli occupation Tells the world that it wants to strengthen the position of the Palestinian Authority,” “But it is destroying it instead”, the PM continued.

In 1993, Palestinian Authority and Israeli Occupation signed the Oslo Accords, which granted Palestinians a form of civil rule, yet negotiations stumbled in 2014 as Israeli occupation rejected to stop establishing settlements and release Palestinians detainees imprisoned before 1993.

Shtayyah emphasized on ending blockade on the Gaza Strip, halt attacks in Jerusalem and freeze settlements in the West Bank.