Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israel Occupation Forces kill one Palestinian and severely Injurers four in Y’abad Midst a new Jenin raid.


The Israeli occupation forces killed one Palestinian and injured four others on Wednesday during the Israeli occupation’s invation in the town of Ya’bad, southwest of Jenin.

The Ministry of Health reported that this resulted in the death of Martyr Bilal Awad Tawfiq (24 years), four Palestinians getting critically injured people and later transferred to various hospitals in Jenin.

Meanwhile, the aim of this raid according to Israeli reports is the distraction of the house of the alleged perpetrator of the Bnei Brak operation,

“large forces of the Israeli army stormed the town of Ya’bad near Jenin to destroy the house of the ‘perpetrator’ of the Bnei Brak operation, in which four settlers were killed,” the army spokesperson stated.

the Israeli forces also cornered the house of martyr Diaa Hamrasha in the town of Ya’bad, southwest of Jenin.

The confrontations erupted after the occupation forces stormed and invaded the town of Yabed in Jenin, and proceeded to besiege the home of the family of the martyr Diaa Hamrasha, amidst the outbreak of confrontations in the area.

Reports indicated that “confrontations and an exchange of fire broke out between the Israeli army and the Palestinians.”

The forces controlled all the entrances and exits of the city. This comes as one in a series of attacks that have targeted Jenin since late March.