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Wednesday, May 31

Israel Occupation Kills 132 Palestinians in 2022

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Recently, Palestinian reports revealed that Israel has killed 132 Palestinians since the start of 2022 including 82 in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and 50 in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israeli occupation has significantly escalated its terror and violence against Palestinians in 2022. Occupied Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza Strip have witnessed waves of Israeli oppression systematically practiced against civilians.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health released a list of the names of the victims, indicating that the youngest was four-year-old Jamil Najim, killed by Israeli missiles during the latest offensive against Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Omar Asad, 80, assaulted and killed by Israeli forces in Ramallah, was the oldest Palestinian killed by Israel in 2022.

 West Bank

Since the start of 2022, Israeli occupation forces have launched barbaric military campaigns in different cities of the occupied West Bank. The Israeli attacks and violent raids killed about 75 Palestinians in the West Bank.

In addition, seven Palestinians from Jerusalem have been murdered, including the slain Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who was shot dead by Israeli gunfire in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.


Jenin witnessed unprecedented Israeli violence this year, as Israeli attacks killed nearly 30 Palestinians, most of them shot dead by Israeli forces during nocturnal incursions into the city.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces have been carrying out massive arrests campaigns in Jenin and other cities of the West Bank, breaking into Palestinian houses, causing terror, and wreaking havoc on Palestinian homes.

Nablus, one of the largest West Bank cities, was severely affected by the Israeli terror. 17 Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli forces in Nablus, including the Palestinian freedom fighter Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, who was shot dead along with Islam Saboh and Hussein Taha during a barbaric raid in the old city.

Following the 3-day Israeli attacks against Gaza Strip, Israel started aggression against Nablus, killing Al-Nablusi, his two fellows, and a 16-year-old child within a few hours, bringing the total number of Nablus’ victims to 17.

Gaza Strip

 48 Palestinians in Gaza, including 17 children and four women, were massacred by Israeli warplanes during the latest attacks on August 5.

On August 5, Israel waged deadly aggression against Gaza Strip only one year after the people of Gaza survived the barbaric attacks in May 2021 which resulted in killing about 259 Palestinians, including 65 children.

Up to two million Palestinians in Gaza still live under Israel’s threats of waging a new wave of violence, destruction, and killing.  

In May 2022, Israeli forces shot dead Mahmoud Aram, a Gaza citizen seeking work in the occupied West Bank. Aram, shot dead near Tulkarm, reflected the suffering of thousands of Palestinian youths in Gaza who face inveitable death only for seeking for a decent life. 

Over the past 16 years, Israel has imposed a suffocating blockade on the Gaza Strip, waged four genocidal wars, and killed up to 4000 civilians.


Israeli ongoing attacks against Palestinians claimed the lives of eight civilians in occupied Jerusalem since the start of 2022.

Israeli occupation forces carried out barbaric incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, attacking Palestinian worshipers. Walid Al-Shareef, 23, was defenselessly confronting the Israeli incursion when he was fatally shot in the head by Israeli forces.

Killing Al-Shareef was a part of Israel’s extended series of killings and terror. Earlier today, Israeli forces savagely attacked a Palestinian house in Kafr Aqab, shooting and killing Mohammed Al-Shaham.

Al-Shaham’s father reported that Israeli forces left his son to bleed for 40 minutes until he died. His dead body was transferred to an unknown destination.

The occupied city has seen a sharp increase in Israeli violence and oppression against civilians. Israeli occupation troops deliberately attack Palestinians, demolish their homes, and detain them, attempting to take over the holy city.

Palestinian Women

10 Palestinian women were killed since the start of this year by Israeli forces, including two journalists and one prisoner.

Following Shireen Abu Akleh`s murder, Israeli troops shot dead Ghufran Warasneh, another Palestinian journalist, north of Hebron two months after she was released from the Israeli prisons.

Saadia Farajallah Matar, from the town of Ithna, west of Hebron, was the latest Palestinian prisoner to be subjected to the systematic practice of Israeli medical neglect that caused her death on July 2. Farajallah, a 68-year-old Palestinian woman, died on Saturday, 2 July, as a result of medical neglect after seven months of her arrest.

Recently, the Israeli attacks against Gaza massacred four Palestinian women, including Naama Qaida, 62, who was heading to celebrate her son’s wedding.

Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet recently expressed alarm at the high number of Palestinians, including children, killed and injured in occupied Palestine this year.

Following Biden’s visit to Jerusalem, Palestinians called upon the US administration to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against Palestinians.  Yet Israel has killed about 57 Palestinians amid Biden’s visit which provides a deeper understanding of the US policy of funding apartheid Israel.