Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israel confines 400 Palestinian detainees

S.K | DOP -

According to a statement released by the Palestinian Detainees’ Club (PPC) yesterday, 400 Palestinian prisoners have been held in isolation by Israeli occupation authorities for 11 days.

The prisons of Ramon, Eshel, Nafha, Ofer, Hadarim, and Al-Negev were receiving prisoners connected to the Islamic Jihad movement.

The statement claims that convicts who are kept in isolation are refused daily access to the leisure yards.
Al Zubeidi, 45, has reportedly been held in isolation since last September and continues to experience terrible imprisonment conditions following his escape from Gilboa jail a year ago, according to the committee.

The commission declared that: “the Israeli Prison Services purposefully handles him severely, locks his hands behind his back, and conducts nude inspection.”

“Nearly 4,550 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails, including 175 juveniles and 27 women.” according to Palestinian statistics. There are now 670 people being held without charge or trial in administrative detention.