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Sunday, March 26

IPS Imposes Jail Restrictions, Sparks Conflict with Palestinian Detainees

IPS Imposes Jail Restrictions, Sparks Conflict with Palestinian Detainees
M.Y | DOP -

A spokesperson for the Israeli prison service (IPS) said that a heightened level of alertness with increased personnel had been put in place as tension with Palestinian detainees flares up.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club warned of the potential ulterior motives of the IPS following the deployment of additional forces in all prisons to suppress Palestinian detainees during Friday prayers today.

A crackdown between Palestinian detainees and BenGvir is looming on the horizon, only a few days after US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, asked to deescalate tensions in the occupied Palestine.

The Palestinian prisoners have a great impact on the situation in Palestine and BenGvir‘s decision to confront them could potentially lead to a wider conflict.

“He thinks that the prisoners issue is the easiest issue to show he is a serious leader,” said Kadora Fares, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

“He thinks that because 4,000 prisoners are in their jails he can do what he wants, but he will be choked because they affect the situation outside the jails.”

He warned that if the standoff is not resolved, Palestinian detainees are set to undertake a largescale hunger strike beginning on 22 March, which is the first day of Ramadan, a period that is usually full of tension.

This week, with a number of jails tightening their measures and reports of disturbances after guards took away electronic devices from some female inmates, BenGvir is adopting a hardline stance, potentially putting him in opposition to a movement that has widespread backing amongst Palestinians.

Approximately 4,700 Palestinians, including around 30 women, held in Israeli jails are classified as political prisoners. These Palestinians consist of both convicted detainees and administrative detainees, who have not been charged or tried.