Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Palestinians of Shufat Camp Declare Civil Disobedience Against Ongoing Israeli Occupation Lockdown

N.S | DOP -

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have been imposing on Tuesday night, October 11, 2022, a total lockdown for the fourth day in a row on Palestinians in Shufat refugee camp in the occupied Jerusalem

As a result, Palestinians in the camp have declared mass civil disobedience against Israeli Occupation violations as IOF has sat up multiple checkpoints around the camp, putting firm  movement restrictions on the residents of the refugee camp.

In an effort to show solidarity, Schools in the camp are to halt as well until further notice, Shufat Council has announced on Tuesday night.

The council also said that they are going to stop all form of interactions with Israeli Occupation until the lockdown is lifted.

Meanwhile, there have been several confrontations between IOF and Palestinians alongside Israel checkpoints that surrounded the camp.

Shehab news agency has confirmed that 30,000 Palestinian workers, who work in various sectors in occupied Palestinian territories, will join the civil disobedience.

Shehab agency also reported that people of Shufat refugee camp are breaking into the street, demanding for an immediate halt to the “unfair” lockdown.

Israel’s illegal use of collective punishment against the Palestinians including the right to freedom of movement violates International laws.