Days of Palestine

Intense Israeli Attacks on Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood


On Sunday evening, attacks by settlers and the Israeli occupation forces continued in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem.

For the second day in a row, which targeted the neighborhood’s residents, solidarity activists and journalists.

The occupation forces closed the area around the Salem family, who is threatened with from their home, with iron barriers. It also expelled journalists from the place, and prevented them from entering to cover the attacks of the occupation, while providing protection to the settlers who gathered in the neighborhood, raising the Israeli flag, and chanting racist slogans against the residents and protesters.

The occupation forces issued violations of vehicles in the vicinity of the neighborhood, including vehicles belonging to journalists. And the occupation mobilized its elements in the place, and brought in a cavalry squad, and a mechanism for spraying waste water, which indicates the occupation’s readiness to suppress the residents and the protesters in solidarity with them, once again.

The young men performed the Maghrib prayer in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, while the occupation forces prevented the citizens from performing the Isha prayer and assaulted them and fired tear gas and sound bombs at them, amid calls to be present to protect the residents and confront the settlers who have been organizing provocative marches since this afternoon.