Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Hundreds of International Organizations Condemn Ongoing Israeli Detention Against Palestinians

N.S | DOP -

292 international organizations have condemned on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Israeli Occupation ongoing detention against Palestinian prisoners

This came as Israeli Occupation Service (IOF) detains 4650 Palestinian prisoners, including 32 women, 1800 minors, 780 administrative ones.

Some other 600 Palestinian prisoners suffer critical health conditions, including 22 cancer-stricken inside Israeli jails.

In a statement, Palestinian state media have required international community, the United Nations, and Red Cross Committee to bring Israeli occupied to jurisdiction.

The statement also has called for putting an end to such systematic policies as 50 Palestinian prisoners are going on with an open-ended hunger strike in Israel jails.

The international organizations have confirmed that such ongoing violations against Palestinians are regarded as “war crimes”, according to Geneva protocols.