Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Dream of Gazan Girl Finds its Way Under Israeli Siege


By Mohammed Abu Shammaleh

Palestinian Hana Al-Wakeel was able to realize her dream of creating a place specialized in all healthy and useful foods in Gaza City, due to the markets filled with products full of preservatives and unhealthy foods.

She named the project (Healthy Home) to be a title for people who care about their health and are looking for healthy and natural food.

Al-Wakeel says in an exclusive interview that this project was a dream for her, as she had dreamed since childhood to establish her own sweets shop, but she developed the idea and volunteered it in order to spread the culture of healthy food.

According to her, “The idea of ​​the project came from my research trip on healthy sweets and they were not available, so I decided to start implementing the idea on the ground, to be the first store specialized in healthy food in the Strip.”

And she touched on her beginnings in the health march, which came from her love of sweets until she decided to eat them without feeling “remorse” because they were harmful to the body, so she started making them in healthy and natural ways.

Al-Wakeel completed her university studies majoring in optics, and worked for a while in her academic field until the Israeli occupation raided her ambition by bombing her former workplace, so she began working in a different field in line with the childhood dream in an innovative way.

She explained clearly about her own project, “Everything inside a healthy home is made in a healthy way, away from harmful substances with high calories, with the same quality and taste.”

It uses healthy and natural alternatives to avoid the use of high-calorie materials, replacing white sugar with fruit sugar, which is 100% natural and harmless.

Al-Wakeel expressed her pride in the idea of ​​her project, saying that the most important characteristic of the healthy house project is that people can eat all kinds of food, at low prices without deprivation, and with multiple benefits for the body.

Al-Wakeel listed the products that she offers in a healthy manner in her stores, such as low-calorie pastries, cakes, fenugreek, basbousa, Cinnabon, brownies, cookies, and chocolates of all kinds, such as Twix, Snickers, and others.

Al-Wakeel drew attention to the calorie difference between basic materials and alternatives, such as oats and white flour, as the latter is full of sugars, unlike the first, which is rich in fiber and helps you feel full for a longer period of time by eating less.
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She explained that most people who buy from a healthy home are people who suffer from diabetes, who know how dangerous it is to the body, and who follow a diet.

It was keen to reduce the prices of products, to consolidate the idea of ​​healthy food in the minds of customers, and to reinforce the concept that healthy food is inexpensive and of the same quality and taste.

Al-Wakeel allocated sweets to people who exercise and are keen on protein in their food, as a percentage of it was placed in cake and chocolate to increase the nutritional value.

And about the turnout, she pointed out that since the beginning of the project, the turnout has been very good, as many people are looking for healthy food, and “I was able to provide it with the same taste with wonderful and varied health benefits.”

Al-Wakeel aspires to expand its humble shop, to be able to receive customers inside it and serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sweets in the same place.