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Tuesday, March 21

Health of Cancer-Stricken Naser Abu Humaid Deteriorates in Israeli Prison

M.Y | DOP -

Palestinian Prisoner Naser Abu Humaid, 49, faces serious health conditions as he is unable to receive more cancer drugs, the Palestinian Prisoners Club reported on Monday, July 25.

The Prisoner Club confirmed that chemotherapy has worsened Abu Humaid’s health recently and that his health condition does not allow him to receive more doses of medicine.

Israeli occupation authorities deliberately practiced medical negligence against Abu Humaid and delayed his treatment for a long time, which led to the rapid decline of his health.

Nasser, who hails from the Amari refugee camp, has been detained since 2002 and sentenced to seven life sentences and 50 years. He is one out of 23 Palestinian prisoners with cancer held inside the Israeli prisons in difficult humanitarian conditions.