Days of Palestine

Wednesday, June 7

Hamas: The Aggression on Gaza Strip is a Heinous Israeli Crime


The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” affirmed on Monday that the aggression on the Gaza Strip is “a heinous Israeli crime that will not break the will of our people and the solidity of their resistance.”

The movement said in a press statement “The heinous crime committed by the Israeli occupation during the past days, by its treacherous targeting of the leaders of the resistance in the Islamic Jihad movement, and our defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip is a dangerous escalation.”

The statement considered that” The aggression reveals once again the sadism of the Israeli occupation and its policy of committing massacres against the Palestinian people, through its black history that is stained with Palestinian blood, in a desperate attempt to quell the resistance, break the steadfastness of our people, and their struggle in defense of their rights, land, and sanctities.”

“The movement sends priors and thoughts for those martyred and solidarity with their families and loved ones, “at the forefront of them, the heroic leaders of the resistance in the Islamic Jihad movement”, sending a message of patience.

The movement stressed that ” the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices and steadfastness of our people are beacons on the way to extract our legitimate rights to liberation and return.”

It explained that the political and diplomatic efforts made by the movement, led by the head of the political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, with all the countries and concerned parties, stem from the movement’s belief in its historical responsibility to protect our Palestinian people, leading to stopping the barbaric Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip.

The statement added, “The movement, with all its components and members, will proceed in its leading, honest, struggle for rights, and defense of national constants and sanctities, expressing the aspirations of our Palestinian people, and a sign of their unity and their rallying around the option of comprehensive resistance, as a way to defend the land, the prisoners, until the end of the occupation.”

The statement continued, “The continuation of some Arab countries in the path of normalization with the enemy constitutes a cover for it to commit more crimes against our land and people, and at a time when we express our rejection of all forms of normalization, we call on those brotherly countries to retreat from this wrong path, in the name of the values ​​of Arabism and Islam that reject occupation and aggression.”

Hamas expressed its deep condemnation of the double standards policy pursued by the US administration and some Western countries, in dealing with the cause of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights, and in their bias toward the Israeli occupation and its aggression against the besieged people in Gaza, and called on them, “to desist from it out of respect for human values ​​and international laws and norms”.

The movement stressed that “all Palestinian factions and the living forces of our people, in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the occupied interior, the diaspora, and refugee camps, are called today to strengthen national unity and popular cohesion, and unite as one, according to a comprehensive and unified struggle to confront the Israeli occupation, and to restore our national rights.”

It added, “The crimes of the occupation and its massacres committed in this brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip, and other crimes and continuous violations in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and the occupied interior, will not be subject to a statute of limitations and will remain alive in the memory of our Palestinian people, and we call on all human rights and humanitarian organizations to move vigorously to hold accountable the occupation leaders as war criminals before the International Criminal Court.”

Member of the Political Bureau of Hamas Khalil al-Hayya, from the memorial held in the house of the martyrs of Rafah massacre during the three-day-long attack of Gaza offered his condolences and stated the following

“We offer ourselves, our people, our brothers, and our comrades in the jihad with whom we are bound by the bonds of steadfastness, brotherhood, and liberation,  condolences and blessings for the martyrdom of the distinguished and important leaders and fighters of the Al-Quds Brigades.”

Al-Hayya added, “our blood is one, our weapons and our enemy, our future, our path, and our sanctities are one. No one, near or far, will be able to drive a wedge between us.”

He followed, “We are the ones who pledged to jihad and  brotherhood, the path of Jerusalem, our path and route is one, and we pledged to our people, our nation, and our martyrs to continue the path and to keep our flag up and the gun pointed at our enemy until liberation.”