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Friday, March 31

Hamas condemns UAE’s Reception of Zionist Entity Head

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas Movement denounced on Sunday condemned the United Arab Emirates’ reception for the head of the Zionist entity, stressing its rejection of all forms of normalization with the Zionist enemy and the leaders of its alleged entity.

In a press statement, Hamas Movement said that it is unfortunate that this visit comes in light of the escalation of the occupation attack against Palestinians, the increase in the policy of ethnic cleansing as is happening in Jerusalem and West Bank, the siege of the Gaza Strip as well as the continued abuse of prisoners.

“These normalization visits with the occupation would encourage Israel to continue and escalate its aggression against Palestinian people and the denial of their rights,” the Movement added.

Hamas called on UAE for a complete retreat from the path of normalization with Israel, which serves only the Zionist interests in the region, and contradicts the national interests of Arab and Islamic countries and peoples.

The Occupation President, Isaac Herzog, arrived in the UAE today, Sunday, on a visit that is the first of its kind, in an effort to strengthen relations with the Gulf states.