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Hamas Condemns Israeli banning of Gaza’s Christians from visiting Jerusalem to celebrate Easter 

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The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas strongly condemned Wednesday, April 12, 2023, in the Israeli occupation’s decision to ban Gaza’s Palestinian Christians from accessing Christian holy sites in occupied Jerusalem to celebrate the Easter holiday. 

“Such a move is part of the Israeli occupation’s policy of racial discrimination that restricts the freedom of Christian Palestinians to access sacred sites, which is a blatant violation of the most basic international humanitarian law principles, including the denial of the freedom of movement and worship,” said Hamas.

It added, “In light of such a fascist move, which has become an Israeli regular practice, Hamas urges the international community to assume their legal and moral responsibilities towards ensuring the Palestinians’ freedom to access their holy sites. 

Hamas called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to respect international laws and norms, guaranteeing the freedom of movement and worship for people under the occupation.

It held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for its crimes against the Palestinian people and the repercussions its violations.

The Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrios in Gaza announced that the Israeli occupation have canceled Palestinian Christants travel permits to visit the holy sites inside occupied Jerusalem during the upcoming Christian Easter holiday.

According to the Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, “No official reason was given for the cancellation, which was sent to the church through the Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs.”