Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Global Coalition for Support of Jerusalem and Palestine Holds “Pioneers of Jerusalem” conference

M.S | DOP -

Today, Wednesday, the activities of the thirteenth session of the “Pioneers of Jerusalem” conference, organized by the Global Coalition for the Support of Jerusalem and Palestine, began in Istanbul, Turkey, under the title: “Partners in its Liberation.”

More than 500 international personalities, male and female activists in the institutions and bodies working for Jerusalem and Palestine participated in the conference, representing about 50 countries from all over the world.

The head of the Global Coalition for the Support of Jerusalem and Palestine, Dr. Hammam Saeed, emphasized the religious status of Palestine for Muslims, which was visited by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and lived the journey of Isra and Mi’raj in it.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ibrahimi, head of the Baraka Charity Association, referred to the fragility of the Israeli occupation entity and the weak confidence of the Israeli people in its government in light of the rising voice of the Palestinian resistance.

He stressed Algeria’s keenness, with its presidents and people, to support the Palestinian cause, and their refusal to normalize relations with the occupation, like other countries that have been normalized recently.

The head of the Institute for Political and Cultural Thought, Dr. Essam Al-Bashir, continued that supporting the Palestinian cause is not only part of sympathy with the Palestinian people, but also a humanitarian duty from all countries that respect humanity.

In her turn, Dr. Omaima Al-Tijani, Head of the International Women’s Coalition for the Support of Jerusalem and Palestine, stressed the need to enhance women’s participation in working for the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Hammoud Kabour, Secretary-General of the Maghreb Coalition for the Support of Jerusalem and Palestine, indicated that Jerusalem is under great danger, especially with the escalation of extremism by right-wing Zionist groups and the increase of the Israeli settlers’ storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

During the conference, a number of videos documenting the occupation’s crimes and violations against Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and Palestinian cities were presented.

In conclusion, the conference stressed the need to organize a unified plan by all Islamic institutions and parties to support the Palestinian cause and to intensify activities and programs in support of the Palestinian people.