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Friday, March 31

German FM Shows Solidarity with Victims of Settler Attack in Huwara

German FM Shows Solidarity with Victims of Settler Attack in Huwara
M.Y | DOP -

German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbock expressed on Tuesday her condolences for the Palestinians who were victims of the violent attack by Israeli settlers in the town of Huwara, located in the occupied West Bank.

Baerbock expressed her sympathy for the people affected by the violence in Huwara, noting that many homes and cars had been set on fire, leaving innocent families in a state of shock and fear.

At a press conference in Berlin alongside Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen, she voiced her opinions.

On Sunday night, a large number of settlers assaulted Palestinian towns and cities in the northern West Bank, with Huwwara as the focus of their fury after two settler brothers were killed in the city, which was set aflame by the angry mob.

At least one Palestinian was killed and nearly 400 were injured in a longterm bout of violence in Huwwara, as well as other locations in the West Bank. It was reported that a minimum of 35 homes were totally engulfed by fire, with an additional 40 homes partially damaged. Furthermore, numerous houses were burned down while their inhabitants were still inside. Finally, over 100 vehicles were either burned or ruined.

Baerbock showed her worry about the proposal by the Israeli occupation government to enforce capital punishment for Palestinians accused of deadly assaults.

She characterized the move asa huge mistake” and highlighted that her nation is firmly against capital punishment everywhere, contending that it has been demonstrated to be ineffectual as a preventive measure.

She stated that, regardless of whether in the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran, Germany is committed to expressing their opposition to the death penalty out of their deeply held convictions.