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Friday, March 24

European Outcry After Child Killed in Israeli Jenin Raid

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On Friday evening, the European Union demanded an immediate and thorough investigation into the tragic death of 16yearold Omar Mohammed Awadin at the hands of Israeli occupation forces in Jenin. The EU‘s call comes as a reminder of the urgent need to bring accountability to the region‘s tragic conflict and end the cycle of violence.

The European Union office in Jerusalem recently highlighted the importance of protecting children through its Twitter platform, affirming that children are afforded special rights under international law.

“Yesterday 16-year-old Omar Awadin was killed during an ISF operation in Jenin together with three other Palestinians,” EU and Palestinians page tweeted.

“Children enjoy special protection under international law. Call for a prompt & transparent investigation and to exercise utmost restraint when using lethal force.”

The Palestinian community is in shock and mourning following a devastating incident on Thursday in the WestBank city of Jenin. Four young men were callously executed by an Israeli special force, and eighteen other civilians were injured, with four of them suffering serious injury. This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the immense suffering endured by the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli far-right government.

Following the Israeli attack, a substantial contingent of occupation forces descended on the city of Jenin in order to ensure the safe retreat of the special forces.

Mohammed Awadin, the father of Omar, testified that the Israeli special force unjustly shot his son while he was simply riding his bicycle in the street. According to Wafa, Omar posed no threat to the special force at the time of the shooting.

On Friday night, a woeful event unfolded in AlBireh as 23yearold Yazan Omar Khasib, a Palestinian man, was struck down by Israeli gunfire near the northern entrance of the city.

In a horrific incident, Khasib, a resident of Qafin, Tulkarm in the West Bank, was brutally attacked by Israeli forces near the western entrance of Beitin, east of Ramallah. Khasib was shot multiple times in the face and chest and his body was held for several hours afterwards. His family, who live in Ramallah, are left in shock and despair by this violence.

The Israeli occupation has demonstrated a grave disregard for human life this year, with 89 Palestinians killed by live bullets since January, according to Wafa. Of those, 17 were children and one was a woman. A total of 35 of them were killed in Jenin while 21 were killed in Nablus. People have been murdered in a number of governorates in the West Bank by Israeli forces, showcasing a dangerous pattern of human rights violations.

Every week, Palestinians in the West Bank take to the streets to protest against Israeli settlements. Demonstrators are met with force by the Israeli occupation, which disperses and pursues them even within their own towns. This oppression is taking place in various areas of the West Bank.