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Thursday, March 23

DOP, Italian Global Project Announce Collaboration Highlighting Israeli Crimes Against Palestinians

S.K | DOP -

Amid the escalating violence in the occupied Palestine, especially following the emergence of the new Israeli extremist government and despite the fact that this world described by its silence, Italians seem to have another word.
On Thursday, February 9, 2023, Global Project Platform, based in Italy and mainly consisting of the collective work of many media activists, announced its new collaboration with Days of Palestine News Agency.

Global Project had a different view announcing this collaboration, that according to the staff members there it’s not enough to just announce these mutual efforts without referring to the daily ongoing crimes Israel commits against Palestinian journalists.

Global Project described this collaboration entitled “Over the wall”, as a new column resulting from the partnership between Global Project and the independent Palestinian media Days of Palestine to denounce Israeli crimes in the occupied territories as they will publish articles every Sunday on Global Project website.

In their published article, Global Project referred to the Israeli violations saying that: “Palestine is experiencing one of the most difficult moments since the 1948 Nakba. In 2022, the number of Palestinians killed in the territories occupied by the Israeli army is the highest since the Second Intifada. At least, IOF killed 220 people in the Israeli attacks, including 48 children.”

Most importantly to mention is the role of the far-right Israeli government led by Netanyahu, immediately showed its true face by aiming for the annexation of the occupied territories and endorsing the requests of the most extremist Zionist parties, starting with the one led by Itamar Ben-Gvir, now Minister of Public Security.

Global Project added that violence in the West Bank continues to escalate, with increasingly armed and violent settlers and military operations each day leaving behind a long trail of killings, kidnappings, building demolitions and land confiscations.

Every week, Global Project will translate some pieces into Italian, the reports and stories of those who are living and struggling daily against Israeli violence, trying to keep the spotlight on the crimes of the Occupation and those who continue to resist it.