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Friday, March 24

CIR Condemns Israeli MK Election to International Counter-Terrorism Committee

Af.M | DOP -

The Council on International Relations-Palestine (CIR) condemned on Monday, 13 March 2023 the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s selection of Danny Danon as a member of the Union’s Counter-Terrorism Committee.

In a statement, CIR expressed its strong denunciation of choosing the Israeli occupation Knesset Member Danny Danon as a member of the Union’s Counter-Terrorism Committee.  “This move is explicit support for the continued Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people,” Council added.

The council noted that allowing the Israeli occupation Knesset representative to be put as a candidate in the Committee elections is in itself a disgrace to those gathered at the conference.

The council called on the members of the union to expel the Israeli occupation and cancel its membership in the Committee, particularly after the recent Israeli massacres and the escalating settler crimes against the Palestinain people.

The Council urged the Union and its members to reconsider the decision and hold the Israeli occupation accountable for committing the crime of apartheid and war crimes against the Palestinians.

On Sunday, the Inter-Parliamentary Union elected the head of the Israeli occupation delegation, Danny Danon to be a member of the Union’s Counter-Terrorism Committee, in a secret vote by 47 countries’ representatives.