Days of Palestine

Thursday, March 23

American Organization Publishes Video Shows the Killing of 78 Palestinian Children by “Israel” in 2021


An American organization has shown on YouTube a video showing the killing of 78 Palestinian children by the Israeli occupation forces during the year 2021.

The American organization “If Americans Knew”, which supports Palestinian rights, published a two-minute video about 78 Palestinian children killed by “Israel” in 2021, and one Israeli child.

The film contained references documenting the information mentioned in the video, and this was accompanied by the organization’s launch of a campaign to stop the financial support provided by the United States to “Israel”.
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The campaign included a demand for members of the US Congress, who voted to give “Israel” billions of dollars in taxes collected from Americans, as it invited them to watch the video to learn how “Israel” uses American tax money to kill innocents.

The organization also called on members of Congress to display the video in parliamentary committee meetings.

The Defense for Children International – Palestine Branch had said that since 2000, the occupation had killed about 2,200 Palestinian children.

The Israeli occupation authorities launched an aggression on the Gaza Strip for 11 days, which ended with a ceasefire on May 21.

During the aggression, about 260 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, most of them children, and hundreds were injured, according to data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health.