Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

Ahmad Manasra Faces Serious Psychological, Health Deterioration in Israeli Occupation Prisons

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

Palestinian Lawyer Khaled Zabarka visited Thursday the prisoner Ahmad Manasra in the Ramle Prison Hospital and closely examined his psychological and health condition.

During the meeting, traces of wounds appeared along the left arm of the young prisoner up to the wrist, as well as wounds on his right arm.

In this meeting with a lawyer, Zabarka said that Ahmed did not communicate visually or verbally with the lawyer, and he seemed to show signs of illness and general exhaustion.

According to the advice of the psychological staff that is following up on his case with the defense team, this situation is very worrying and there is a serious and real danger to Ahmed’s psychological and public health and safety if he continues to remain in the prisons of the occupation authorities.

In light of this, the captive defense crew submitted an urgent request to the Israeli Prison Authority to release the young prisoner Manasra immediately due to the deterioration in his psychological and health condition.

We hold the Israeli authorities responsible for the deterioration in his psychological condition in particular and his health in general, as they dealt with his condition with continuous disregard for the difficult psychological and health conditions that Ahmed suffers from, which naturally leads to a serious psychological setback, said the crew.