Days of Palestine

After Israeli False Promises of Release, Prisoner Khalil Awawda resumes hunger strike


Prisoner Khalil Awawda, an administrative detainee in the Israeli occupation prisons, has resumed his open hunger strike, since last Friday, according to a statement provided by his wife on Monday.

Dalal Awawda, the wife of the captive Khalil Awawda, said that her husband resumed his open hungerstrike, after the occupation authorities violated the agreement that mandated his release on the twenty-sixth of last June, according to what was reported by the Ultra Palestine website.

Awawda stated that her husband suspended his hunger strike on June 20, which had lasted for 110 consecutive days, after an intelligence officer came to the hospital and told him that he would be released after 6 days.

At the time of his release, he was informed that his condition His health condition will not allow him to be released from the hospital, and accordingly Awadeh stopped his hunger strike and started taking intravenous nutrients, but on the date of his release, he was informed that his health condition would not allow him to leave the hospital and he needed further treatment.

Awawda said that the prisoner continued to take nutrients until last Friday… which led to a slight improvement in his health condition, only to be informed on that same day he was informed, in what seemed as a ploy, that the occupation court decided to extend his administrative detention for another four months. This prompted him, in spite of his fragile condition to resume his hunger strike.

She stated that what is happening with the prisoner is an act of deception practiced by the Israeli prison intelligence officers, in order to delude her husband and the people into seeming to succumb to the prisoner’s demands and ending his unlawful arrest only in an attempt of diminishing solidarity with him having no real intention to actually release him.

Awawda confirmed that her husband came to meet his lawyer, Monday, in a wheelchair, stressing that “he still suffers from severe emaciation, headaches and body aches, with the Israeli Prison Authority transferring him from the hospital to the Ramle prison clinic, which according to Addameer lacks basic and necessary medical equipment, disregarding his difficult health condition.”