Days of Palestine

Administrative Prisoners Continue to Boycott The Occupation Courts for the 179th Day


Today, 28th June, about 500 “administrative” prisoners continue to boycott the Israeli occupation courts, for the 179th consecutive day, as part of their confrontation with the policy of administrative detention.

Yesterday, Monday, the Committee of Administrative Prisoners of the National Prisoners Movement in the Occupation’s prisons announced a number of decisions, represented in first Freezing the decision of the open hunger strike until September 2022, so that this month will be an evaluation station for the commitment of the occupation prisons administration to what was previously agreed upon, and the continuation of the decision of the open hunger strike until September 2022.

Also, the committee decided on Boycotting the Israeli Occupation Courts–while allowing any prisoner who wishes to go to the courts to do so– from today until mid-September 2022,

The aim of this period is to study and evaluate the extent to which the occupation prisons administration is committed to the presented offer, in addition to allowing lawyers and prisoners’ institutions to plead in the administrative detention courts during the specified period.

The administrative prisoners’ committee pointed out that this comes within the framework of the prisoner movement’s decision– at the beginning of this year– to confront administrative detention, and the decision included many defiant steps, starting from simply boycotting the courts, up to threatening with an open hunger strike at the beginning of September, in response to the increase in the number of administrative prisoners to nearly 700 prisoners.”

In early May, the administrative prisoners had taken a collective stand, declaring a conclusive and final boycott of all judicial procedures related to administrative detention (judicial review, appeal, supreme).

The captive movement affirmed its full support for the decision of the administrative prisoners to boycott the military courts and called on all the administrative prisoners in the various prisons to fully abide by this step and to be patient and long-suffering, in order to achieve the desired goals by abolishing the policy of administrative detention.

Administrative detention is detention without charge or trial, and without allowing the detainee or his lawyer to inspect the evidence materials, in clear and explicit violation of the provisions of international humanitarian law, so that Israel is the only party in the world that practices this policy.