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Thursday, June 8

Act For Palestine Holds Meeting on Palestinian Resilience against Israeli Apartheid

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The Act For Palestine Foundation in Gaza held on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, a meeting panel discussion on the Palestinian resilience against Israeli apartheid and theft of land via  Zoom.

The meeting was hosted by Dr. Awad Abdelfattah, Syksy Rasanen, and Neta Kamal with the participation of dozens of Journalists and figures from around the world.

Dr. Abdelfattah said that Palestinians who survived the ethnic cleansing were the first victims of the Israeli apartheid regime.

“When the Zionist movement began their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, they were establishing an apartheid regime,” added Dr. Abdelfattah.

He competed, “To label Israel as an apartheid regime only is not enough because it is a settler colonial entity.”

He indicated that Issuing International reports by human rights watch and Amnesty and B’Tselem, defining the Israeli occupation as an apartheid regime, is very important for the Palestinian struggle.

“Israel is not a normal state from the very beginning. It is a Jewish state and a colonial state,” concluded Dr. Abdelfattah.

Syksy Rasanen, a Finish researcher and author of The Israeli Apartheid book, added that Israeli apartheid and colonialism are one of the most well-documented regimes of oppression in the world.

“Israel has built apartheid bit by bit, testing the waters. Lack of negative. The reaction has encouraged violations,” said he.

Rasanen confirmed that “while all European and many Arab governments support Israeli apartheid, most of their populations are against it.”

Neta Kamal, a pro-Palestinian activist, added “Israel set up the Israeli Supreme Court as a kind of iron dome for international law, or some kind of, protective vest for preventing legal attacks on them.”

She indicated that the Israeli Supreme Court has always approved things that are completely opposed to international law.

“Israeli settlements are completely contrary to international law. But the Supreme Court will not say that they’re legal. They’ll say that it’s a political decision that has to be taken by the politicians, and they won’t intervene in it,” stressed Kamal.

She added, “The first thing that this new right-wing government is doing is to take over the Supreme Court and cancel this ability of the Supreme Court to override the government.”

Kamal continued, “All the people that support Israel at the moment including Arab regimes, should be ashamed.”

She concluded, “Palestinians need to speak out about their experience under the Israeli occupation and tell the Palestinian narrative to put it back into consciousness, the international consciousness that Palestinian refugees exist, and refute the colonial narrative.”