Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Palestinians Protest in Lod Demanding Accountability of the Israeli Killers of the Musa Hassouna


Dozens of people in the city of Lod participated on, Friday 10th of May, in a sit-in demanding accountability for the murderers of the martyr Musa Hassuna near the Martyr’s Roundabout in Lod, as part of a series of monthly vigils in which the people of Lod and the People’s Committee participate on the 10th of every month.

The People’s Committee in Lod had previously announced that the tenth of every month is a day to demonstrate in Lod to demand accountability for the killers of the martyr Hassouna, who was assassinated by settlers’ bullets on May 10, 2021.

Activist Ghassan Mounir said that this stand today is the first in the second year of the martyrdom of the martyr Musa Hassouna, noting that the continuous popular pressure often brings results.

He added that everyone should continue to demand justice for the martyr Hassouna and to participate in vigils on the 10th of every month for justice for the martyr Hassouna, who was assassinated by settlers in cold blood and none of them paid the price for this crime.

In the context, Marwa Hassouna, the wife of the martyr Musa Hassouna, said that the sit-in today is the first after the anniversary of the martyrdom of Musa Hassouna, pointing out that until today the criminal and the killer are at large, but the family of the martyr and the people of Lod continue to stand to demand accountability for everyone who had a hand in the killing of Hassouna and the closure of the investigation file with suspected of killing him.

It is worth noting that the martyr Musa Hassouna was shot dead by a settler on May 10, 2021, during the events of the gift of dignity that erupted in the 48 lands.