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Saturday, June 3

A Detainee’s Outfit in Miss Global: Palestinian Beauty Queen Outfit of Choice to Highlight Palestinian Suffering in Israeli Prisons


Beauty queen contestant Lauren Imseeh wore the clothes of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons during the Miss World ceremony held in Indonesia on Wednesday 8th of June, to highlight their suffering.

is participating in Miss Global, the annual global beauty pageant, as she is representing her homeland Palestine. Imseeh is a famous public figure who founded Edmonds Fashion and LuXVerry.


For the national custom for miss global this year, Lauren shared a video on Instagram where she said to have chosen the Palestinian political prisoners’ outfit saying that she wanted to reflect the struggle of the people living there under the occupation.


The beauty queen shared a video while wearing a dark brown Palestinian political prisoners’ outfit with writing on the back reading ‘Free Palestine’. She also taped parts of her body including her mouth and wrote several slogans including, SPEAK UP, CAN’T BREATH SINCE 1948, and PEACE.

“I was looking forward to my national custom for miss global this year, unfortunately, I will not be able to wear it and I will choose a different one. This year I focused on the message more than the outfit itself, this is why I chose the Palestinian political prisoners outfit to represent all of Palestine, to show how we are all imprisoned in our own land.” The beauty queen wrote in a post

Despite the fact that she said it’s impossible to wear this custom for the beauty pageant and will choose a different related one, Lauren has thanked her brother Edmon Imseeh and Yousef Eleiwi, who is a fashion designer from Nablus, for creating this outfit highlighting the struggles Palestinian detainees go through daily.

The 24-year-old Palestinian influencer and businesswoman added that she hopes to have sent a clear message to the world that would reach the international community and urge them to react.


For the real national costume event, the beauty queen decided to wear a custom inspired by the colors of the Palestinian flag: red, black, white, and green.

In addition to a huge peace sign in the back decorated with olive trees and pigeons around it to symbolize hope and solidarity and future freedom Palestinians aspire to, ‘stand and live by’.

“‎‏The Palestinian flag-inspired my national costume has 4 colors. Red and black represent the pain people go through every day, and white and green represent the peace that people seek every day.

she followed in a post, “Olive trees and pigeons were added to the costume to symbolize hope and solidarity as that is what people in my country stand and live by. Thank you everyone for making this masterpiece in 2 days wouldn’t have done it without you.”


What is Miss Global

Miss Global is an annual global beauty pageant for single women ages 18–35, the widest age range in pageantry. The first edition of the Miss Global pageant was held on August 3, 2013, at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre in Redondo, California. This year, Miss Global is taking place in Bali, Indonesia.