Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

900 Palestinian Detainees in Israeli Jails Return Meals in Support of Hunger Strikers

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More than 900 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Prison of Ofer returned Wednesday, 12 October 2022 meals in support of the 50 administrative detainees on hunger strike, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club. 

50 Palestinian prisoners are on an open-ended hunger strike in Israeli occupation jails in protest against Israel’s illegal policy of administrative detention.

Last Sunday, 20 more Palestinian prisoners have joined 30 others already going on an open-ended hunger strike for the 18th consecutive day. 

The detainees in a message last month said that the practices of the Israel Prison Services (IPS) “are no longer governed by the security obsession as an actual driver of the occupation, but rather are acts of revenge due to their past.”

Nearly 500 Palestininan detainees have been refusing to show up for their military court hearings since the beginning of 2022. The boycott includes the initial hearings to uphold the administrative detention order, as well as appeal hearings and later sessions at the Israeli occupation supreme court. 

Since the beginning of 2022, the Israeli occupation has issued about 1,365 administrative detention orders, the highest of which was last August, which amounted to 272 arrest summonses.

The Israeli occupation has escalated its administrative detention policy against Palestinians as the number of administrative detainees currently exceeded 760, including minors, women, and the elderly, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Commission. 

The Commission added that  80 percent of the administrative detainees are former prisoners who spent years in the prisons most were administrative detentions.

Israel’s illegal policy of administrative detention is a pre-emptive measure that allows the detention of Palestinians without charge or trial for lengthy periods of time based on disclosed allegations that even a detainee’s lawyer is barred from viewing.

Palestinian detainees have constantly resorted to hunger strikes as a method to oppose their administrative detention, demanding an end to this illegal policy that violates international law and Human rights accords.