Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

4 Palestinian Detainees Continue Hunger Strike in Israeli Prisons

M.Y | DOP -

Four Palestinian administrative detainees continue their open-ended hunger strike in Israeli prisons, protesting against the Israeli illegal policies practiced against them, including administrative detention.

Human rights sources reported that the Palestinian detainee Khalil Awawdeh continues his open hunger strike for the 168th day running in protest of his illegal administrative detention.

Awawdeh`s health conditions have been deteriorating over the past months. Meanwhile, Israeli occupation authorities still refuse to release him.

On December 27, 2021, Israeli occupation forces detained Awawdeh and held him under administrative detention. Israeli occupation issued last week an order to stop Awawdeh`s detention temporarily.

Awawdeh refused to suspend the hunger strike, stressing that he will continue until he obtains his freedom.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian brothers Ahmad and Adal Musa from Bethlehem have been on hunger strike for 21 days, in protest of administrative detention.

For its part, the Prisoners Club explained that the 44-year-old detainee Ahmed, a father of seven, is a former prisoner, and he went on a hunger strike in 2019 that lasted for 29 months and ended with an agreement to release him.

In addition, Adal, 34, is a former prisoner. He spent about seven years in occupation prisons, including five years in a row.

Meanwhile, the detainee Imad Abu al-Hija from Jenin started an open hunger strike, 7 days ago, his family reported.

Imad Abu al-Hija demands Israeli occupation reunite him with his father, who is serving a life sentence, and his two brothers, Asim and Abd al-Salam, who are administratively detained in Israeli prisons.

Abu Al-Hija the son was detained earlier in March 2022, and he was transferred to administrative detention for 6 months.

Currently, Israeli occupation authorities hold 723 Palestinian detainees under administrative detention without charge or trial.