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30 Palestinian Administrative Prisoners to Go on Open Hunger Strike on Monday

N.S | DOP -

30 Palestinian Administrative Prisoners will begin an open hunger strike on Monday as Israeli occupation forces (IOF) put them in jail with no justifications, according to Waed Prisoners Association (WPA)

This comes as Israeli Occupation force (IOF) has recently escalated its rampant aggressive actions against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, including field executions, home demolitions, and pave the road for Israeli settlers to carry out barbaric raids into the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

Israeli occupation forces launch mass waves of “administrative” detentions against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank without any legitimate charges being addressed.

As the so-called “Israeli holidays” drew near, the occupation forces have surged the rate of violence in which several conformations between IOF and Palestinians broke out in the Palestinian occupied territories.