Days of Palestine

Tuesday, March 21

307 Violations Against Palestinian Content Within 48 Hours

M.Y | DOP -

Sada Social, a center specialized in monitoring violations against Palestinian content, revealed on Friday an attack on dozens of Palestinian accounts since the beginning of the Israeli military aggression on Nablus, north of the occupied West Bank.

In a brief report, Sada Social said the number of violations documented by the center within 48 hours “increased to 307 violations against Palestinian content linked to Israeli attacks in the city of Nablus.”

The center added that “243 violations were carried out by Meta (specifically Facebook and Instagram), 62 violations carried out by, in addition to two violations by TikTok.”

Sada Social pointed out that the period in which the violations were documented falls between August 9 and 11.

On 9 August, the Israeli occupying forces stormed Nablus, resulting in the death of Palestinian resistance fighter Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, along with two others, Islam Sabuh and Hussein Taha.

Since then, social media has been cracking down on Palestinian accounts that post photos of Nabulsi, or any posts related to the violations of the occupation in Nablus.

Cybersecurity expert Raed Sammour confirmed that social media platforms, led by Meta, are siding “directly, quickly, blatantly and immorally with the Zionist enemy.”

“It is self-evident and well known that Facebook’s information office is located in Tel Aviv and it is known who manages it,” he said.

Sada Social Center is a non-profit Palestinian youth initiative that “stemmed from the need to deal with social media administrations, in an attempt to bring justice to Palestinian content,” according to its website.