Days of Palestine

15 Palestinian Cancer-Patient Prisoners Suffer from Slow Death in Israeli Jails

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Days of Palestine – Ramallah

15 Palestinian cancer-stricken prisoners have their lives at danger in Israeli jails as they are suffering from difficult health conditions and the lack of appropriate treatment amid deliberate medical neglect by Israeli prisons services, the Palestine Center for Prisoner studies said.

The Israeli occupation follows the policy of making the Palestinian prisoners reach an advanced stage of the disease that is impossible to recover from it, then releasing them, the report stated.

It stressed that the Israeli occupation deliberately followed that policy to avoid opening investigation or accountability files in case the prisoner died.

The center added that cancer is the primary reason for the martyrdom of prisoners inside the occupation prisons. The last of whom was the victim, Kamal Abu Waer, from Jenin.

It explained that prisoners with cancer suffer doubly, and live between the anvil of families and its harsh conditions and violations of the occupation and deprivation of all their rights, and between the hammer of cancer that kills their bodies.