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Wednesday, May 31

Palestinians of Nabi Musa Taunted by Israeli Eviction Plans

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Palestinian residents of the Nabi Musa area, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, are the living the terror of eviction from their homes at any moment by Israeli occupation forces despite an Israeli court rule counter to eviction and demolition plans.

The Israeli occupation forces recently stormed the Nabi Musa area to carry out the demolition. However, the residents protested the action and prevented it.

Nabi Musa community is located northeast of the occupied Jerusalem, and has been inhabited by 15 families, consisting of 120 people, since the occupation of Palestine “Nakba” in 1948. People there live in tents and tin houses, and work in raising livestock.

Terrorizing Children

Jamal Abu Dohuk, a resident of the community, was shocked after the Israeli occupation forces surrounded the place, evicted the residents from their homes, and separated the women and children from the men in the prelude to the demolition.

Jamal said that residents thwarted the demolition attempts, but the Israeli occupation forces vowed to return again, expressing his fear that the occupation forces will resume demolishing their homes at any moment.

Abu Duhok other residents of the area refuse to leave it, no matter the cost, insisting on staying there even if their homes are demolished.

Viable Alternatives

Anan Abu Duhok got agitated the moment he started talking about the demolition of the community or even about the alternatives offered by the occupation authorities.

Abu Duhok and his seven children insist on standing tall in his home, saying: “How do I leave the place where I was born and raised!”

“Even if the occupation demolishes our homes, you will not leave,” Anan said.

Zionist Project

The spokesman for Al-Khan Al-Ahmar village, Eid Jahalin, confirmed that the Israeli occupation is striving to displace the villages and Bedouin communities surrounding the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Jahalin added that the aim of the occupation’s attempts to demolish villages and Bedouin communities is to isolate Jerusalem from other cities and cut off communication between the north and south of the West Bank.

He believed that these attempts are aimed at imposing a new reality on the region and besieging the occupied city of Jerusalem in favor of implementing the so-called “Greater Jerusalem” settlement project.

Jahalin stated that the residents of Palestinian villages and Bedouin communities suffer constantly due to violations and harassment of the occupation forces that works around the clock to harass dwellers of these villages in order to drive them out of their homes.