Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Palestinian Prisoners to Launch Protest Steps, Hunger Strike Soon

M.Y | DOP -

Days of Palestine – Ramallah

The Palestinian Captive Movement in Israeli occupation jails has announced its decision to start taking some protest steps at the beginning of this week before staging an open-ended mass hunger strike soon.

In its first statement after it was reactivated recently, the Captive Movement’s National High Emergency Committee said that the protest steps would start with several prisoners going on hunger strike next Monday and Wednesday.

The Emergency Committee added that the prisoners in Israeli jails would also refuse to go out for security checks during this week as an initial start before launching the mass hunger strike and as a last warning to the Israeli prison service to pressure it to halt its repressive measures and reverse all the unjust decisions it took in recent months.

The Committee attributed the decision to take such protest steps to the Israeli jailers’ failure to respect the understandings that had been reached with them last March and their decision to resume the punitive measures against prisoners, especially those serving life terms.