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Sunday, March 26

International Women’s Day: Hamas congrats all women around the world

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Days of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas movement Tuesday offers its sincere congratulations to all women around the world on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

In a statement, Hamas offers its sincere congratulations to all women around the world, in general, and Palestinian women, in particular, wishing that they achieve more prosperity and take part in making good for humanity.

It added that Hamas adopts a constant position on the genuine role of Palestinian women in the Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence, alongside men, and has always backed all sacrifices made by Palestinian men as martyrs, wounded, detainees and deportees.  

"We hail the women’s role as mothers and wives in maintaining the social fabric by preserving the family, which is the core of society and a symbol of its stability," Hamas said.

The statement added that Hamas reiterates their vision on the women’s role in public human service as women are a genuine partner in making good and progress that humanity has achieved throughout history.

Hamas calls for enhancing the women’s role at all political, social, and economic levels, and condemn any injustices committed against them on any ground.