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Sunday, March 26

Hamas slams Fatah for repeating claims about truce deal in Gaza

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The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced the Fatah leadership and its government for their repeated claims about the presence of a truce agreement between it and the Israeli occupation, although it already denied such thing.

In a press release on Sunday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem accused Fatah of persisting in belittling the Palestinian public opinion through fabricating news about his Movement.

Spokesman Qasem described such claims about a truce agreement in Gaza as “a failed attempt by Fatah to divert the attention of the Palestinian street from its tampering with the issue of the elections and its evasion of this national path.”

He also said that such repeated remarks about something that does not exist are aimed to cover up Fatah’s scandals, especially its security cooperation with the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority’s sanctions on Gaza.