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Friday, March 31

Eldest prisoner says he can’t withstand detention conditions anymore

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80-year-old Fo’ad Shobaki, the eldest Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails, has told his attorney that he can no longer withstand the difficult health conditions he’s experiencing behind Israeli prison bars.

Shobaki said during a visit by the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission attorney that he lived his toughest days during the last couple of weeks after he underwent an eye surgery, due to which he became completely dependent on other prisoners for basic life needs such as moving, which severely affected his psychological state.

On October 20, an Israeli court rejected an appeal made by the Commission in order to release Shobaki, claiming he was a “dangerous case”, and that “he did not show regret”.

Shobaki, from the Gaza Strip, is the eldest Palestinian political prisoner in Israeli detention, and was detained in 2006 and sentenced for 20 years then shortened to 17 in 2015 after several appeals were made considering his current health conditions and age.

More than 4,500 Palestinian prisoners are currently incarcerated in Israeli jails for resisting the Israeli occupation of their homeland.