Days of Palestine

Saturday, March 25

Israeli army detains university student, raids homes near Ramallah

Days of Palestine -

The Israel occupation forces detained on Saturday morning a Birzeit University student Samah Jaradat at her home in the town of al-Bireh, twin city of Ramallah, and raided four other homes in a nearby village, according to sources.

They said soldiers raided and ransacked the Jaradat family home before detaining their daughter, Samah, without giving any reason for her arrest.

Meanwhile, soldiers raided four homes in the village of Ein Qenya, west of Ramallah, all families related to Aysar Marouf, who is currently detained in Israel.

Marouf’s wife, Nour, said the soldiers raided her home and homes of her husband’s relatives causing heavy damage to their furniture and contents.

The soldiers then left the area taking with them computer hard discs and memory chips.