Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

New wave of American immigrants to Israel

Days of Palestine -

A group of North American immigrants arrive on Tuesday morning in Israel, including daughter of US Ambassador David Freidman.

Talia, 23, was one of 233 Americans who were encouraged to immigrate to Israel by an Jewish groups encouraging people from America and the West to immigrate to Israel and become Israeli citizens.

“We are so proud of our daughter Talia,” US ambassador to Israel said. “She always wanted to live in Israel, and she is realising her dream.”

He added: “Our whole family is very proud of her. We are here [in the airport] just to greet her and give her a hug and wish her much success here in Israel.”

Freidman continued: “We just want her to be happy. This is something she always wanted to do. She loves Israel. We all love Israel. Our whole family loves Israel. And this is her dream. We are very proud of her.”

Reports said that the daughter of the US ambassador to Israel is to join the Israeli occupation army, which murder the Palestinian people, including children and women.