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Friday, January 27

Egypt closes Rafah Crossing during holiday

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Cairo –Egyptian authorities announced on Thursday that Rafah Crossing would be closed during Eidul-Adha holiday, starting Friday.

The crossing will be closed from Friday until Tuesday for the religious holiday, Egyptian officials said. Palestinian officials confirmed.

Rafah Crossing is the main terminal for 1.8 million Gazans to the outside world, but Egypt almost keeps it closed as part of the jointly-enforced Israeli blockade.

Palestinians, during the Eid, need to exchange visits with their relatives in Egypt and other countries around the world. Palestinian from abroad also hope to spend the holiday with relatives in Gaza, but the Rafah Crossings undermines all such hopes.

For the eighth consecutive year, Palestinians in Gaza have been facing the same problem in their holidays. Sometimes, Gazans enter into the Strip before the holiday, but they stick inside for unlimited periods.