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Monday, February 6

Gaza electricity requires one year to meet people’s needs

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza –Official statement confirmed on Wednesday severe electricity shortage, which has negative effects on basic sectors.

According to the statement, the Palestinian authority for power and natural resources estimated the shortage with 70 percent from the total needs of the Gaza Strip. “This is not enough for the least humanitarian and basic needs,” said the statement.

The Authority said that it has been working for repairing the power facilities and the electricity grids along the whole Strip. It stressed that this needs at least one year of continuous work to return to the situation as it was before the war.

“Currently, we can only turn the electricity on some areas, where the grid is untouched, jut for four hours,” the statement said. “We are doing our best to expand this to become six hours, but the situation is very difficult.”

In addition to the destruction of the electricity grids along the Strip, the Authority said that the attack that targeted the main fuel tank of the sole electricity plant in Gaza paralysed its work. It said that working on the one-year plan included maintenance in this plant.

“If we were unable to repair this, we would inevitably need to import electricity from outside sources,” the statement said.

The Palestinian Electricity Company said that the ten major electricity lines along the Gaza Strip have been targeted several times by the Israeli occupation. “It deliberately attacked the lines in order to increase the people’s suffering,” the company said in a statement.