Days of Palestine

Israeli Occupation Imposes Closure on Gaza Crossing For Jewish Holiday

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Israeli occupation announced Sunday, 2 October 2022 that a full closure will be imposed on the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip crossings for the Jewish holidays, starting today afternoon until Tuesday midnight.

In occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation intensified security measures, deploying thousands of Israeli troops and border guards and placing roadblocks and military checkpoints mainly in and around the Old City. 

IOF also intensified its existence at gates leading to the Al-Aqsa mosque and imposed strict restrictions on the entry of Palestinians to the mosque.

Following the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza, Israel continues its provocative measures at the Gaza crossings including preventing the entry of many essential goods and merchandise into the enclave, leading to heavy financial losses and corruption of goods inside the Israeli occupation ports.

Israeli occupation claims that the abusive and oppressive actions are a preventative measure. They include the closure of all major roads, the setting up of military checkpoints, and the intensification of the military troops’ presence, as well as the closure of all crossings around the Gaza Strip, tightening the 15-year siege even further.