Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Israeli Attacks on Gaza Continue, 31 Killed including 6 Children، 4 Women, 109 Injured

Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on multiple locations in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, according to local reports. No further details were provided by either Israeli or Palestinian sources.
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Israeli occupation warplanes have been attacking the besieged Gaza Strip for the fourth day in a row, killing 31 Palestinians and injuring 109 others.

Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that Israeli airstrikes killed 31 Palestinians including 6 children, 4 women, and 2 elderly Palestinians.

Ministry added that 109 Palestinians including 24 children, 13 women, and 3 elderly Palestinians were injured during the ongoing Isrseli military assault on Gaza.

Israeli warplanes bombed and completely destroyed 28 Palestinian homes and partially damaged 495 housing units of which 37 are unhabitable.

50 Israeli Warplanes have bombed the besieged Gaza strip since Tuesday night, according to the Radio of the Israeli occupation forces.

For the fourth consecutive day, both Israeli-controlled crossings, Erez (for people) and Kerem Shalom (for goods), are closed. The closure is preventing the access of hundreds of people to and from Gaza, including patients and workers, among them aid workers, and preventing the entry of truckloads of goods a day carrying vital items such as food, medical supplies, and fuel. 

According to MoH in Gaza, the closure has prevented 432 patients and companions from traveling to receive treatment in Palestinian or Israeli hospitals outside.

MoH in Gaza stated that 27 of those patients were in need of critical lifesaving intervention.

Also due to the closure, the available fuel for the operation of the Gaza Power Plant is being depleted, forcing a reduction in electricity production. This has resulted in a reduction of power supply to between 12 and 14 hours per day, seriously undermining the provision of services, including health, water, and sanitation.

Israeli occupation continues its systematic policy which targets residential buildings and densely populated neighborhoods. The Israeli regime disregards international humanitarian laws and takes advantage of the international community’s failure to hold it accountable for its violations.