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Sunday, March 26

Amnesty: Israel Must Dismantle Apartheid

Amnesty: Israel Must Dismantle Apartheid
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Amnesty International said on Wednesday, February 1, that Israeli occupation authorities must dismantle apartheid which is causing so much pain and bloodshed.

In a report at the beginning of February, Amnesty revealed that Israeli forces have killed almost 220 since the organization launched a campaign against apartheid one year ago.

The report pointed out that 35 of the victims were killed in January 2023 alone, asserting that the recent Israeli deadly attacks underscored the urgent need for accountability.

“Unlawful killings help maintain Israel’s apartheid system and constitute crimes against humanity, as do other serious and ongoing violations by Israeli authorities such as administrative detention and forcible transfer,” the report read.

On January 26, Israeli occupation forces murdered nine Palestinians, including an elderly woman, during a deadly raid on Jenin’s refugee camp. In response, a Palestinian fighter killed seven Israeli settlers in Jerusalem.

Amnesty’s report came to set out how Israel enforces an institutionalized system of oppression and domination against Palestinians  wherever it has control over their rights.