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Sunday, January 29

Media Campaign To Reject Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’

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Days Of Palestine –  Gaza

A media campaign was launched on Monday, 25th of June, to reject 'the Deal of the Century' announced by the US President Donald Trump to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as they claim, and to reject the 'US-led Conference in Bahrain.'

The Days Of Palestine's Team launched the "Twitter Storm" to reject the liquidation of the Palestinian cause using the hashtags #No4DealOfCentury #DownBahrainConference.


The campaign which used dozens of pro-Palestinian tweets and pictures aimed also at affirming that Palestine from the river to the sea is for Palestinians and that no one has the right to take actions against Palestinians or speak on behalf the Palestinians addressing their rights and borders.

Commenting on this campaign, Said Shoiab, the social media coordinator of Days of Palestine Team said, "The Deal of the Century is nothing more than declaring 'mission accomplished', as other invading armies have done in the Middle East."

"Palestinians "refuse to be blackmailed and pressured" using their financial needs "to compromise their rights," Shoaib added.


Palestinian Voices Team participated in the media campaign. Abedalraheem Alfarra, the founder of the team, said, "We will not accept Trump’s project, the ‘deal of the century,’ which has become the ‘slap of the century.".

Alfarra added that " 'the Deal of the Century' will give 'Israel' a right to construct a Jewish majority state on our own land Palestine land, so no for the deal of the century."