Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli authorities oblige Pal family to demolish its house

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli court obliged on Friday Palestinian family in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem to demolish its own house.

Following a court ruling, the Palestinian citizen of Jerusalem Khalil Dabash was told by the Israeli authorities to demolished his own house. The Jerusalem Municipal Court ruled that the house was built without license.

The court decided that Dabash is to pay high fees for the bulldozers of the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem unless he demolishes his own house before Sunday.

Dabash was not the only Palestinian resident of Jerusalem to be forced to demolish his own house, but also many Palestinian families were enforced to do so to avoid paying the municipality high fees.

Speaking to Days of Palestine, Dabash said: “He and his family members became homeless after demolishing the house.”

A UN issued in 2012 showed that 93,100 Palestinian Jerusalemites are likely at a risk of displacement as the Israeli authorities claimed 33 per cent of the Palestinian houses do not have the needed building licenses.

Over 600 Palestinians have been displaced during 2015 after their houses were self-demolished in the occupied Palestinian territories.