Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Gaza Fishermen Syndicate: Israel Continues to Violate the Rights of Fishermen


The captain of the Palestinian fishermen’s syndicate in the Gaza Strip, Nizar Ayyash, commented on the Israeli navy boats besieging a fishing boat west of Gaza City this morning, under a heavy barrage of bullets, saying that it comes in the context of repeated violations against Palestinian fishermen.

He added that the Israeli occupation continues to attack Palestinian fishermen in the open sea of ​​the Gaza Strip, to restrict them and keep them away from fishing places. He pointed out that there were no injuries among the fishermen, but that their boat was damaged.

The captain of the fishermen stresses that the Israeli harassment of fishermen has never stopped, whether by confiscating some boats or deliberately disabling them, narrowing the fishing area without clear reasons, preventing the entry of fishing equipment, and other violations. He appealed to international and human rights institutions to provide protection to the Palestinian fisherman in Gaza and to stop the physical and material attacks on them by the Israeli occupation.