Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31


2021 in Palestine – A New Generation Has Finally Risen

By Dr. Ramzy Baroud for Middle East Monitor   At the onset, 2021 appeared to be another ordinary year, one

‘Chile President-elect Boric has always defended the human rights in our ancestors homeland’ says Palestinian Community in Chile president

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In Chile, where the largest population of Palestinians in Latin America resides, the Leftist candidate Gabriel Boric has won Chile’s

Denying the Inevitable: Why the West Refuses to Accept China’s Superpower Status

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An article by Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times last July is a prime example of western intelligentsia’s limited understanding of China’s unhindered rise

The UN war crimes probe is still tarnished by decades of colonial support for Israel

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The UN will be funding an open-ended investigation into Israeli war crimes against Palestinians, departing from this year’s aggression against

Will Israeli wall around Gaza stop Palestinian resistance?

Days of Palestine
Israel announced, last week, the completion of the highly technological security wall on its side of the occupied and besieged

While Israel colonises Palestine, the UN’s Guterres offers nothing but ‘hope’

Days of Palestine
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has provided another reason why Palestinians should not rely on the international community for a political

Israel’s terrorism against human rights NGOs

Days of Palestine
Since its founding in 1948, the "State of Israel" has promoted an intense campaign to erase Palestinian history, culture and

An open letter to Sally Rooney from Gaza

Days of Palestine
Dearest Ms Rooney, I am a Palestinian-South African academic teaching literature at Al-Aqsa University of Gaza. I wish to salute you for

How Facebook helps Israel hide its crimes

Days of Palestine
As Israel intensified its killing campaign in the Gaza Strip in May, people across the globe took to the streets in solidarity with Palestinians. Others

Sally Rooney, Susan Sarandon and thousands more stand on the right side of history

Days of Palestine
The decision by Irish author Sally Rooney to boycott an Israeli publishing company and not allow it to translate her