Days of Palestine


Ukraine is not Palestine, Russia is not Israel

By Issa Khalaf via Palestine Chronicle Most people of goodwill and strong politico-moral sense who seek justice and fairness, all of

Why Do US and EU only Condemn the Killing of Israelis?

Days of Palestine
By: Tamara Nassar A Palestinian citizen of Israel killed four Israelis in stabbing and car-ramming attacks in the city of

Israel Eyes the Ukraine Crisis as an Opportunity to Balance Demography with Palestinians

Israel is planning to bring at least 200,000 Ukrainian Jews in the first six months of the crisis, given the

Palestinians Will Not Be Deterred In The Quest For Liberation

Israel has been hard at work to generate an atmosphere where even the mere mention of the cataclysmic event, the

Israeli Occupation Provokes Palestinians Religiously Before Ramadan

By: Dr. Adnan Abu Amer In light of the escalation of attacks on Palestinians and the Israeli acts of aggression

Sport and Politics Do Mix, As FIFA’s Hypocrisy Demonstrates

Israel’s war on Palestinian sport is as old as the settler-colonial state itself. Sport is a critical aspect of popular

While World Focuses on Plight of Ukraine’s Children, Endless Trauma of Gaza’s Children Should not be Ignored

Af.M | DOP
More than two million refugees have fled Ukraine since Russia invaded that country. The majority have been women and children

Politics and Sports Do Mix: On FIFA’s Hypocrisy in Palestine and the Need to Isolate Apartheid Israel

Af.M | DOP
Israel’s war on Palestinian sports is as old as the Israeli state itself. For Palestinians, sport is a critical aspect

Political Hypocrisy in “Russia and Israel” Issues

Dr. Raed Qaddoura
DAYS OF PALESTINE (Wednesday, 9 March 2022) – Dr. Raed Qaddoura Since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine,

After 5 years… Basil al-Araj Become Beacon for Palestinian Youth

DAYS OF PALESTINE – At 2am on the morning of March 6, the sound of gunfire reverberated through the streets