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Tuesday, June 6

Gaza Power Plant Faces Imminent Crisis

Gaza power plant
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The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company warned on Saturday, May 13, 2023, of an imminent shutdown of the Strip’s sole power plant due to the ban on fuel imports.


Mohammed Thabet, the company’s director of media and public relations, stated that the available fuel stock at the power generation station is about to run out.


Thabet indicated that the station’s generators consume a large amount of diesel fuel, approximately 160,000 liters per generator; therefore, fuel is running out and must be imported immediately.


“We have called on all concerned parties to open the Karam Abu Salim crossing and allow the necessary fuel to enter the power plant, Thabet emphasized. If the Israeli aggression on Gaza continues, the station will undoubtedly be closed, as the fuel supply is nearing its limit,” Thabet added.


According to Thabet, shutting down the power plant would adversely affect the supply of electricity to essential facilities in the sector.


The Israeli occupation continues  to close Gaza crossings for the fifth consecutive day.