Gaza homes need 20 years to rebuilt

Days of Palestine, Reports –Gazans need at least 20 years to rebuild their homes, destroyed during the latest Israeli war, because of the Israeli restrictions. “It will take 20 years to rebuild only houses in Gaza, not schools, not hospitals, not other civilian infrastructure, which has been damaged during Israeli operations, Ruth Allan of the Norwegian Refugee Council, told RT. Representatives for the Palestinian fighters reached an open-ended truce with the Israeli occupation on August 26, ending 51 day of savage Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. Israeli occupation said it wanted to stop rocket fire from Gaza, demolish tunnels from Gaza to ‘Israel’ and to kill leaders of the Palestinian party ruling the Strip –Hamas. More than 2,160 Palestinians were killed during the war. UN and human rights groups said more that 75 percent of the casualties were civilians. In the Israeli side, 72 were killed, including 67 soldiers. Surprisingly, RT asked Allan: Two decades to repair seems a long time since Gaza is such a small territory. Just how bad is the situation in your opinion? He replied: Basically, there has been an unprecedented amount of destruction and damage caused as a result of this Israeli operation in Gaza. The Norwegian Refugee Council as the lead agency of the shelter cluster and has calculated that it will take 20 years to rebuild the homes that are needed in Gaza. About how much it is difficult to supply Gaza with construction materials, Allan said: “Bringing in building materials to Gaza is very difficult because of the Israeli blockade which prevents movement of materials and people in and out of the Gaza Strip.” He continued: “On the current Israeli imposed restrictions on Gaza, we think that it will take 20 years to rebuild houses. And that is only houses! Not schools, not hospitals, not any of the other civilian infrastructure which has been damaged, only houses.” Click here to have a look at the kind of destruction in Gaza

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