Hamas condemns the assassination of human rights activist Banat

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Hamas Movement strongly condemned the assassination of Abbas's security forces, the activist and political candidate, Nizar Banat, the deputy head of the Freedom and Dignity List for the legislative elections.

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In a press release, Hamas said that the murder of Nizar Banat, the mastermind and organizer, reflects the intentions and behavior of Abbas's Authority and security services towards our people, opposition activists, and his political opponents.

Hamas added that we hold the head of the Oslo Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and his Authority fully responsible for all the repercussions and results of this heinous crime, which added to the series of crimes and violations of this Authority against our people.

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Hamas called on all components, factions, and institutions of our people to stand up to their responsibilities and take bold and responsible national decisions towards the officials and those involved in the crime of assassinating Nizar Banat.

"We call on the masses of our people for the broadest national and popular participation in the funeral of the martyr Nizar Banat, and we call on the forces, factions, popular, civil and human rights institutions, and the Palestinian clans in the broadest solidarity with the martyr's families, and rejecting injustice and tyranny," Hamas stressed.

From her part, the candidate from the list of Al-Quds Our Destiny, Lama Khater, said that Nizar Banat was not flattering or hypocritical to the corrupters on earth, his courage was pure without darkness, and his voice was clear and deep and touched the essence of events and situations.

Khater said that he did not cover his cowardice with sick slogans nor with repeated formulations in our reality. Nizar was presenting the truth without equivocation, without embellishment or stereotyping, and therefore he was close to the pulse of the simple and the oppressed, she added.

His patriotic position was high, and his refusal to cooperate with and bully the occupier was also high, she said.

Today, Nizar is paying the price for his unique courage, the price for speaking in the language of all free people, the fee for shaking the thrones of the corrupters, but the dust will not cover this price, and his killers will not win their goals from his absence, Khater added.

For his part, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said that the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah expresses its political impotence, its erosion of its legitimacy, and its inability to provide national achievements to our people by unleashing the hand of its security services to sabotage the Palestinian situation, which today is represented by the assassination of activist Nizar Banat, in a full-fledged political, national and moral crime.

The leader of the Hamas movement, Sami Abu Zuhri, condemned the assassination of the Palestinian activist and parliamentary candidate, Nizar Banat, by the PA security forces.

He said in a press statement that the assassination of Banat reflects the bloody policy of the Authority in settling accounts, calling for the killers to be prosecuted, blaming Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh for the first responsibility for the crime.

For his part, Hamas leader Abdel Rahman Shadeed also said that the assassination of national activist Nizar Banat at the hands of the security services is a full-fledged crime for which the Authority and Mahmoud Abbas bear responsibility.

On Thursday morning, it was announced that a political activist had died after being arrested by the Authority's security services in the city of Hebron, in the occupied West Bank.

Hamas leader Abdel Rahman Shadeed: "The assassination of the national activist Nizar Banat by the security services is a full-fledged crime for which the authority and Mahmoud Abbas bear responsibility."

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